Winter 2020-2021

Hio Folks- Hope you are staying healthy.  We are planning on opening this season but keeping a close eye on COVID-19 and how we can open and keep everyone safe.  Having said that we are still reviewing season passes and … Read More

20 CM Fresh Powder but Bonus Day March 5th Cancelled

Our bonus day for today March 5th is cancelled due to the school closures but we’ll let you know when those get rescheduled.  Friday night riding tomorrow 6:30 – 10 pm.  Will be fabulous snow conditions!  Come play in the … Read More

Stony Closed for mid-winter Hiatus Jan. 7 -23rd

Operating a skihill is tough work-especially when you add a few grey hairs to the mix….Thank you for a fabulous opening to our 31st season as owners and an amazing Christmas.  As we mentioned  at the beginning of the season … Read More