30 years ago Gary and Heather Opened Stony Mountain Ski Area for their first season.

December 22, 1988- The Dewars had purchased Stony from the Hinckel Family.  December 22 was the big day-they opened for their first season!  Now 30 years later we are still going having added runs to the ski area, upgraded the snowmaking and grooming,  And finally embracing the sport of snowboarding.  Camryn joined the Team in 2000 and is a vital part of the partnership.  She gets far more snow time than Gary & Heather do.  What will the next 30 years hold-not sure but we have been proud to be a vital part of the local community and have employed more than 600 young people in 30 years.  Over 500,000 skiers and snowboarders have played on our hills over the years.