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  • 10 days before Christmas eve and we are frantically working at Stony getting snow made, staff trained and hired, Camryn through her final exams at U of M and the bombardier working.  Big Bunny and the handle tow will be open this Saturday (or that is the plan).  We always laugh a bit when people ask how come it is taking so long?  Well here are a few statistics/logistics for you:
  • Number of hours of snowmaking to open all runs:  500
  • Hours of pushing snow man made snow to open runs and lifts – 85 -number of machine operators- 1 Senior Citizen 🙂
  • Bombardier maintenance/repair time- 98 hours
  • percentage of snow that is natural 1%
  • number of snowmaking crew 2.5
  • Age of primary employees/owners 66 & 59

Mother Nature is being especially trying this year and the Bombardier is old which requires careful nursing and support.  We love our customers and snow!  It is our 30th year of owning and operating Stony but every year our aches and pains, and health issues remind us that we aren’t getting any younger. 🙂  Yesterday Gary noticed a wheel on the bombardier had a bearing issue so Heather had to put on her mechanic’s helper clothes and be his mechanics helper to get the track apart. Good thing for the farm and driving old car background.

Thank you to Amin Omer-mechanic extraordinaire who helped us with machining parts and figuring out we are missing one crucial part-a wheel spacer..  We now are waiting for Air Canada to fly in the part from Calgary this am so Gary and I can finish fixing Bombi and he can finish pushing snow, groom, and get up the handle tow.

So if you are waiting an extra day to hear back from us or the website isn’t quite up to date- we will get to it.  After we crawl out from under the Bombardier!