FUNdamentalz (Jumps and Bumps) — Ages 6-17
FUNdamentalz (Jumps and Bumps) — Ages 6-17
  • Ages 6 and Up
    FUN-damental Freestyle Skiing Skills
    Kids love to play on skis, whether its fast, slow, forwards, backwards,
    over moguls, in the Terrain Park – they are naturally Freestyle
    Skiers! The Jumps & Bumps Program will focus on fun, safety and
    skill development; top priorities for the sport of Freestyle Skiing.
    Skiers learn to carve turns, develop good basics in jumps, moguls,
    and terrain parks. Coached are trained through the NCCP certified
    CLUB COACH courses to develop three levels of skills..
    When: January 13 – March 11 (9 weeks)
    Time: 11am – 1pm
    Cost: $225 – Includes lift tickets and 2 hours of lessons per week,
    $45 Freestyle Canada fee extra
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Ski/Snowboard Lesson & Lift Ticket
Ski/Snowboard Lesson & Lift Ticket

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